12 Pictures Of How To Decorate A Big Wall

Don’t be intimidated: A big, windowless wall can be the perfect canvas for creative decor ideas. In a gorgeous, color-splashed room, the focal point of the gallery wall is an Indian sign painting of a tiger, surrounded by a charming hodgepodge of smaller.Approaching your unadorned wall with a loosely formed idea of what you want always helps put the wheels in motion. And that’s where scouting out a general concept works wonders. Inspired by the beautiful real-world homes that fill our Gallery, we pulled together our favorite ways to decorate a large wall.Big walls call for big art.

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Nothing looks stranger than seeing a small, lonely painting floating in a giant expanse of wall. The difficulty, of course, is that big pieces of art often come with big price tags. So we’ve rounded up a list of nine different ways to fill up a big wall on a little budget. And by oversized, I mean the perfect size. Save. Check out these 10 blank wall solutions that will help you with the task of decorating large walls! Save. Framed Poker Card Posters. Save. Oversized Typography. Save. Hang An Area Rug on the Wall. Save. Blow Up and Frame Your Travel Photography.

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